This category contains products that don't really fit into the other categories, but are useful in the extraction process.


HFS A3 - 17" Guillotine Paper Stack Cutter Trimmer Blade 20" Length 2.16" Hole Spacing Center-to-Center 0.44" Center...
Paper guide adjustment knob, work for both the 12" and 17" model
HFS A4 - 12" Guillotine Paper Stack Cutter Trimmer Blade - Version 2 14-3/4" Length 2.05" Hole Spacing...
The HFS 17" Guillotine Paper Cutter is a commercial grade trimmer capable of cutting up to 400 sheets...
Filter socks make loading and unloading spools way faster and easier. Keep production costs down by hot-swapping socks...
Paper cutters (guillotines) operate by a knife cycling and cutting into a plastic stick. The plastic stick will...
Product Description ?Easy to Operate, Sturdy, Well Balanced Frame with Heavy Duty Construction. ?Professionally machined and assembled steel...
This 304 stainless steel funnel aids in loading spools with material. 
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