Tri Clamp Gasket Viton FKM

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FKM gaskets, also known by their trademark name Viton®, are fluorocarbon rubber gaskets that have excelled resistance to high temperatures, ozone, mineral oil, synthetic fluid, aromatics, and organic solvents and chemicals. They are one of the most commonly used gaskets in extraction due to their solvent resistance and durability. Though not as long lasting as PTFE, they are softer which makes them far easier to seal.

Compound Info

ASTM D1418 Designation FKM
ASTM D2000/SAE J200 Type, Class HK
Hardness (Shore A) 55-90
Color black

Thermal Properties

Min Temp. -40°F (-40°C)
Max Temp. 446°F (230°C)

Tri Clamp Gasket Viton FKM

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