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Tri Clamp Miscellaneous

Our tri clamp elbows are made from 304 stainless steel and come with a high-polish finish. They make...
Adaptor 1.5 Clamp to kf25 Stainless Steel 30
HFS In-line Condensing Spool allow you to add to remove heat while your product flows through the spool....
SKU: EXA-WELD-3IN 3" OD SS304 Sanitary Pipe Weld Ferrule + Tri Clamp + PTFE Gasket Set SKU: EXA-WELD-1.5IN...
SKU: EXA-TRI-CONN-NPT0102 1/2" Tri Clamp (25.4mm furrel OD) Stainless Steel 304 Ferrule 1/2" NPT Male Adapter 1/2" Male...
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