Lab equipment is often used in the process of purifying extracts by various methods. We offer a wide selection from lab glass, to chillers, reactors, pumps, short path systems, and much more.

Lab Equipment

SKU: DIS-SCDA-250ML-3445Size:34/45Capacity:250MLFitting: 3/8"SKU: DIS-SCDA-250ML-3435 SpecificationsCapacity: 250mlDistribution Joint: 34/35 Female TaperedReceiving Joint: (3) 34/35 Male TaperedVacuum port: 3/8” GL18...
SKU: DIS-2NRF-1L 24/40 standard taper joint One vertical 24/40 neck, and one angled 24/40 side neck Glass material:...
SKU: DIST-PCLIP-34 Size: 34# 1PC Material: PP Lab Standard ground joint clip Plastic taper Joint Clamp keck clip...
Two vertical 34/45 side necksOne 24/40 center neckGlass material: high borosilicate glass 3.3
SKU: 16457 Constructed from Stainless Steel Easy Turn Black Knob Dimensions: 4 inches x 4 inches Max Height:...
Hexagonal Glass Bottle Stopper
Product features The HFS PS Series Ultrasonic Cleaners easily and effectively clean and sanitize using ultrasound from 40kHz...
FUNNELS,Glazed porcelain Buchner funnel for fast filtration. BUCHNER, PORCELAIN Buchner funnel with fixed perforated plate, glazed both inside...