A wide selection of lab glassware including flasks, cowls, funnels, cold traps, distillation heads, short path systems, and many other varieties.


SKU: DIS-SCDA-250ML-3445Size:34/45Capacity:250MLFitting: 3/8"SKU: DIS-SCDA-250ML-3435 SpecificationsCapacity: 250mlDistribution Joint: 34/35 Female TaperedReceiving Joint: (3) 34/35 Male TaperedVacuum port: 3/8” GL18...
SKU: DIS-2NRF-1L 24/40 standard taper joint One vertical 24/40 neck, and one angled 24/40 side neck Glass material:...
Two vertical 34/45 side necksOne 24/40 center neckGlass material: high borosilicate glass 3.3
Hexagonal Glass Bottle Stopper
FUNNELS,Glazed porcelain Buchner funnel for fast filtration. BUCHNER, PORCELAIN Buchner funnel with fixed perforated plate, glazed both inside...
SKU: JAR-500ML-GL45 Capacity is 500ml. Graduation interval is 100ml. Material is Borosilicate Glass Used for storage as well...
SKU: DIS-RBF-100ML 24/40 standard taper joint, heavy wall 100ML round bottom receiving flask. Used with cow type distribution...