Glassware Adapters

Glass Adapters

250Ml Distributor2 x 24/40 Joins1 x GL Threaded Vacuum port
SKU: DIS-DADP5L-3445 Used to connect dissimilar standard taper joint sizes. 29/42 female joint, 29/42Lower inner joint is larger...
These removable hose connections work in conjunction with GL caps to create an air-tight seal wherever you have...
These solid caps are for threaded chemistry joints. We offer sizes GL-14 & 18. The cap is made...
SKU: DIST-GL14-0104 GL14 Chilling Fluid or Vacuum Connectors,LAB GL14 Plastic Hose Barb Fittings Manufacturer,GL14 thread screw open top...
250Ml Distributor4 x 24/40 Joins1 x GL Threaded Vacuum port